Bnot Torah Presents Exciting Fall Seminars

Location:  All programs will take place at
Munroe Center for The Arts,
1403 Massachusetts Ave.,
Lexington, MA 02420

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Please join us for wonderful enriching academic seminars that promote the study of ancient Biblical texts (including Chumash, Talmud, Prophets, Midrash and more) to help elucidate, analyze and find solutions to contemporary issues and dilemmas.  Our instructors are experienced and highly trained educators who adhere to the the strictest Halachic standards of teaching.

Come join us for some exciting Fall seminars with dynamic and inspirational teachers, Rabbi David and Ariel Pardo, Co-Directors of the Jewish Learning Initiative at Brandeis University.

9/11/16  (Sunday)  11:00 AM--12:30 PM :   "Living On A Prayer--A Unifying Theme To The Blessings"  (Ariel Pardo)

Ever wonder what the purpose of saying a blessing is?  Why did the Rabbis implement the recitation of so many blessings a day? What unique innovation did the Rabbis add to Judaism with the establishment of blessings? Come learn with Ariel Pardo all about the purpose behind Jewish blessings and the foresight of the rabbis.

9/18/16  (Sunday)  11:00 AM--12:30 PM:   "Eat, Drink, And Be Merry -- Why We All Gain Weight Around The Holidays"  (Rabbi David Pardo)

So much of our calendar revolves around holidays, and so much of our holidays revolves around food. Why is food central to our holidays? What happens if one doesn't like eating and would prefer spending time doing other types of recreation? Why should a religious system place so much emphasis on eating over prayer and meditation? 

11/6/16  (Sunday)  11:00--12:30 PM           "Goes Together Like a Horse And Carriage--Rabbinic Views Of The Sin Of Eve"  (Ariel Pardo)

What exactly was Eve's sin? How do the Rabbis interpret the episode of Adam and Eve? Does the rabbinic perception change Jewish practice? Ariel Pardo will provide an in-depth look at the famous tale and how it affects Jewish practice on a profound level.

11/13/16  (Sunday)  11:00 AM--12:30 PM     "Shabbat -- More Than Just Unplugging"   (Rabbi David Pardo)

Shabbat is often pitched as a day to unwind and spend time with family. While it certainly is, that can't be what the Sages meant when they said that if one celebrates Shabbat, it is as if he/she kept the entire Torah! In this class, we will answer many philosophical questions about the Sabbath including: What does it mean for G-d to rest? Are working and holiness two separate entities? What does the uniqueness of Shabbat imply about the rest of our week?

About Bnot Torah:   We are a 22 year old Judaic Studies forum that promotes the study of biblical texts to shed light on modern day dilemmas. We encourage individuals from all branches of Judaism to participate in exciting seminars, lively discussions, and social camaraderie. No previous knowledge is required and classes are appropriate for all levels and backgrounds. Our instructors are all experienced educators committed to the highest Halachic standards of teaching. All learning materials are provided.  We are a non-profit organization and all proceeds go toward reimbursing our instructors.Kosher refreshments are served at all meetings. Classes are open to both men and women.

About The Instructors:  Rabbi David and Ariel Pardo are Co-Directors of the JLI (Jewish Learning Initiative) at Brandeis University where they create educational opportunities and social programming, deliver weekly classes on a wide range of topics, and evaluate and explain hundreds of personal and communal halachic questions for over 1600 Jewish students on the Brandeis campus. Rabbi Pardo was formerly Director of Education at The House (a prominent educational center that delivers relevant and inspiring programming)  in Toronto, Canada where he delivered classes and series, and hosted social/educational events. He has a B.A. degree from UCLA and rabbinic ordination from Yeshiva University. He is a student in the MBA/Social Entrepreneurship program at Brandeis Univ.  Ariel Pardo has a B.A. from UCLA and completed coursework in women's health and halacha at the Puah Institute in Jerusalem, Israel. She is currently studying for a graduate degree at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Brandeis Univ. Rabbi David and Ariel Pardo are the proud parents of three adorable young girls.

Times:   All programs will take place on Sundays from 11 AM--12:30 PM (on 9/11/169/18/1611/6/16, and 11/13/16).

Cost:   $20/person/session (special rates for students and couples)  or $70 for the entire series (if registered by Sept. 2).

Registration and Information: 

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Contact Robin at  or call 781-248-0625 (there is voice mail at this number).

** Classes are suitable for all levels and backgrounds. All source material will be provided as handouts in both English and Hebrew.
** We will study excerpts from many texts encompassing both primary and contemporary sources gleaned from the best references and using the most advanced teaching methods.
**  Seminars are open to both men and women.
** Light kosher refreshments are served at all classes